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Brain Science & Research Application 

The body of research about the brain, the body's circuitry,  the effectiveness of prayer, eye movement therapy, and acupoints has allowed the application of intentional emotional healing. 
While there are many methods to choose from, Dr. Loyd's work is scientifically validated.

The remarkable results from the Codes and Trilogy that have happened around the world across cultures, socioeconomic considerations, worldviews, and races have proven that Dr. Loyd's methods are a true source of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. See article.

Listen to Tracy Hope Loyd's Story of how the Healing Codes brought her out of dark depression.

As a certified coach and professional counselor, I try to make the costs very affordable and easy to manage. I even discount sessions. There is a lot of work involved in helping people, but I do want to offer a variety of ways to get help and to afford it. Many blessings to all of you!

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As a Whole Life Healing Coach

I use the scientifically validated methods created by Dr. Loyd to heal emotional pain, unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and stress which, in turn, can cause physical healing. Healing comes by performing the method choosen rather than delving into the subject.


As a Professional Counselor and Coach

I know that there are many times when talking through an issue is very useful and practical. Guidance and education can help sort through actions and reactions of ourselves or others. As a professional counselor and coach, I can also help you process a relationship, an event, or the past. I can also help you understand your attachment to people, places or things. 


As a Licensed Minister

Need answers? Want spritual renewal? Get a deep connection with the Lord Jesus Christ in a profound way. Everyone needs spiritual relief and a deeper relationship with God.


On the following pages you'll find information on which method to take or if you want to use all of the methods. The bridge is open!


Your bridge to help & healing

There are three main "bridges to help" on this site; one for Whole Life Healing using the Codes & Trilogy, one for Counseling Guidance, and one for Healing Prayer.

   I invite you to look around the "bridge" of services I offer and choose the ones that suit you.
There are several options because "different strokes for different folks."  That is, people want to heal in the ways that resonate with them.

Which options are best? Whichever ones attract you; those options are best.

Step onto the Bridge that will Help you

                                    walk from troubles and heartache                                                                                                               to blessings and love, courage and competence